Why are We Building the Small Business Success Project?

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The small business success project is based on the belief that independent business professionals and small business owners are the backbone of our economy, both nationally and locally. These people are passionate about serving their customers, their business partners, and the community.

Unfortunately few have experience or training to be successful in business, especially in difficult economic times.

Our model is based on continuous improvement techniques taught by W. Edwards Deming and the tribe and marketing concepts taught by Seth Godin and Simon Sinek plus extensive material from numerous other thought leaders.


Who will benefit from the Small Business Success Project?

The small business success project is designed to support

  1. Solopreneurs – business people who work from home or a small office.  This tribe includes people who represent other companies in the local market (independent sales reps, MLM, direct sales, realtors, insurance agents, etc.), independent professionals (healthcare providers, CPAs and accountants, attorneys, consultants and speakers)
  2. Local businesses – personal services organizations (health and beauty salons and spas, multi-practitioner professional offices, retail shops, companies that work with homeowners (landscape and lawn care providers, home maintenance and repair, tradesmen/women, cleaning services and other similar groups)
  3. Mid-tier businesses with 50 – 500 employees, multiple locations (including international operations and diverse product lines.

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