Looking For Leaders

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Do you remember playing the game “Follow The Leader” in kindergarten?  The greatest joy was being the leader, right?  The best day of the week or month in first grade was undoubtedly the day you were “Line Leader,” leading your classmates down the hallway to the library and the lunchroom.  You can probably still feel a glimmer of that pride and picture that genuine smile on your face.

What happened to that enthusiasm, energy, and excitement you felt, at the age of 7, when you were gifted the title “leader”?

These days, many adults and professionals shy away from the title.  How much extra work will it involve?  What if I make a decision that has a negative result?  What will others think of me? What if I fail?

It is easier, it seems, to follow someone else.  Let others  charter unexplored territory first; let others make the tough decisions & carry the weight- and possibly the burden- of the results.  Let others take on the extra responsibilities and work.

Yes, it is true that it’s often easier to follow – or copy – others.  It is a challenge to build your own road map.   But as a small business owner, and especially for those who are solopreneurs, a shift in your definition of “leader” [and the feelings that the title stirs within] is a must.

Most entrepreneurs chose to leave Corporate America and Big Business to pursue a dream/passion, to experience independence, to find like-minded individuals who “get it”.  Those like-minded individuals are your Tribe!  If you have been following our blog, you now understand that Tribes are key to the success of your business.  And according to Seth Godin, tribes are looking for leaders.  People like doing what other people are doing; they like to fit in and find their own groups.  They want to follow and let others lead!

Bill George states so beautifully in his book True North, “We frequently choose leaders for their charisma instead of their character, their style rather than substance, and their image instead of integrity.”

Do you believe in your character, substance and integrity?  Then be the change, create the roadmap, and assume the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of your 7-year-old self…Lead!


Knowing My Tribe

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This morning, as I started out for my 5:30 A.M. run, my thoughts immediately drifted to the horrible events that took place on Monday at the Boston marathon.  I was trying to figure out why I was so shaken up by this particular tragedy.  I did not know anyone living in Boston, and only knew of a few “friends of friends” running the marathon, so I had no personal connection to the tragedy.  Why was this pit still in my stomach, the event still weighing so heavily on my mind?

Then it hit me: these runners are a part of MY TRIBE.  I have crossed many similar finish lines, stood amongst many cheering crowds, hugged and celebrated with many friends and with my sister, excited about personal best times and accomplishing a goal.  Although the attack took place hundreds of miles from my home, I feel- to my core- the pain, disbelief, dismay and fear those runners and spectators experienced, as if they were my neighbors.

These brave & heroic bystanders, these innocent victims are a part of MY TRIBE!  We share core values – accomplishments & results, independence, excellence, community, health.  We speak the same language: training, PRs, halfs & fulls, splits, fartleks, pace.  We share a passion.  We share similar life experiences.   We have an unspoken understanding of one another and connection with one another.

The concept of Tribes goes well beyond business and marketing.  It defines who we are, how we connect and with whom we bond. Tribes are about the people we “get” and who “get” us; individuals in whom we believe, support and respect.

That is why my heart continues to ache for the men, women and children in Boston…They are members of MY TRIBE, and I belong to their tribe too.